Meg Xuemei X

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He beds me, whispers sweet lies, then chooses another.

The Alpha Heir finds me, broken, bruised, and with no memory.

How fortunate I am that he’s my fated mate.

Then he rejects me for another, but his wolf still wants me.

So he locks me up, tries to control me, tries to force me to be his again.

But I know a secret. Someone much stronger and more powerful is coming for me.

My beautiful Vampire God.

And he destroys anyone who stands in his way.

* Shifter God is the first book in this spicy wolf shifter and dark vampire romance trilogy. If you like enemies-to-lovers, fated mates, hot, psycho monsters, and tough, sassy heroines, you’ll enjoy this series.

Underworld Bride Trails

   Book 4 Now Available!

Hidden Court

Loki and I are worlds apart.

The Ice God is rewriting my memory, my desire, and my very soul. When he’s done, I won’t be Tessa Morrigan.

I hold no illusion that my mate will come for me. He doesn’t even know I’ve been torn from him, and he’s now with an impostor.

I’m being replaced and forgotten.

When hope dies, a flame sparks to life within me.

I’m doing everything in my power to hide my unborn son, but he’s more than eager to show me that he has enough magic to protect his mommy and tear apart the immortal enemy who has caged us.

The final installment in the bestselling Underworld Bride Trials series.

Playboy King Book 1

She walks in on me banging another woman.

One sniff in her direction, and I know she's mine.

Scenting its fated mate, my wolf awakens and roars with lust.

But Tessa Morrigan can't be my queen.

She came too late.

I've started the Underworld Bride Trials. All the women must fight to the death until the last one stands by my side.

Playboy King is the first of the Underworld Bride Trials series, set after the Great Merge. It's not necessary to read the Half-Blood Academy to enjoy this sinfully hot enemies-to-lovers romance starring a cruel, sexy, and fun demon shifter king and a badass demigoddess heroine.

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